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Recently JUG Torino attended the Italian Java Conference. Bruno Bossola held a workshop on Refactoring The JUG stand: from left to right, Fabio Petitti, me, Bruno Bossola, Antonio Terreno Main Hall at the JavaConference: me at left side, Antonio Terreno at the opposite. A collection of really nice pictures kept at the Java Conference can […]
First of all, I have to precise that I'm not a sysadmin, and you may not assume that the things as explained here are best way to handle the problem, or just that this is a correct one. This worked for me yesterday night, and I share my notes here so that I'll find this […]

Linux is not for me, definitely. Some time ago I completely abandoned windows but after some months I come back to it. Now I’m installing a little server and I am still disappointed by two major distributions: Fedora and Debian. First of all, no one handle my (ugly) printer: Epson EPL-5700L; if you run linux, […]

My New Net Server

I’ve just finished to mount my new server. I am thinking on hosting my own web stuff at home. This is the machine Currently it runs Windows XP Media Center (the best choice for a server… :lol: ); now downloading 9Gb of Debian dvd ISOs… It will take some time… Sleepless nights are expected.

Today, I've had the problem to dynamically add additional informations to html forms. Not being an expert of JavaScript I thought it was very easy. But after trying to code something like this: ... var form = document.forms['myForm']; form.myHiddenField = new Hidden(); form.myHiddenField.value=myValue; ... I discovered that it's not so easy. I also didn't find […]

Yesterday night I started reading Joel on Software book. I found the italian translation (published in Italy by Mondadori) in a store, I believe that the translation is really bad, but still comprehensible. I don’t understand why translations are so bad (false friends caught, common slang literally translated, and many other mistakes). I don’t speak, […]

Writing email addresses in clear in web pages is not a good idea: spam bot browse the web and collect email address to lately send unrequested spam. But, sometime it could be useful to put an email address in a web page, and there could be several possibility: Using an image: a transparent gif with […]

Here is what I do with the IE4+ links toolbar: You just have to enable the “Links Toolbar” on windows taskbar, and customize it. Linux users enjoy that since years… Benefits are that this menu is in the middle way between Start button, the desktop and the QuickLaunch. But: Better than the Start Button, you […]

Working with my laptop on different places I often have to configure network settings. Fortunately I always work on places using DHCP, so this isn’t an issue. But I’ve still to waste time switching the proxy settings in browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon…). Of course there are plugins that handle proxy switching with less effort, […]

I found this nice javascript that could be useful in places where some computing may take some time... Many application do intensive searches or computations, and it's better to give some feedback to the user while loading the results. You can try displaying a page with an animated GIF, and redirecting the page using something […]


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