Linux is not for me, definitely.
Some time ago I completely abandoned windows but after some months I come back to it. Now I’m installing a little server and I am still disappointed by two major distributions: Fedora and Debian. First of all, no one handle my (ugly) printer: Epson EPL-5700L; if you run linux, this printer simply doesn’t work. No way.

I started trying debian, and still does not have a decent installer. I mean, something ‘easy’, and graphical, or at least something that allows you, if have been wrong, also to return back! Is this so difficult to do?!?
And after that having installed debian, it was unable to probe correctly monitor and graphic card, so it runned X as vesa and maximum resolution allowed was 800×600. I don’t like to spend time on this kind of issues, so I downloaded Fedora Core 4.

Fedora has a (quite) good installer, that first time I ran crashed… uhm… But each time after worked decently.
So I set up everythink in a nice looking installer that wondered me with some special java options (Native Eclipse and lot of java libraries).
After installing it I’ve seen that it’s graphical mode only! And after X started, you have no way to open text-mode console. At least this is what happened on my pc, and I don’t know if it’s an hardware problem of the graphic card, or else. Fedora correctly boots in text mode, but after switching in graphical mode (while loading services) you cannot press CTRL+ALT+F1..CTRL+ALT+Fn to switch on text terminals: you get only a black screen! I hate this. So I reinstalled Fedora without X and all the graphical stuff, but after reboot – suprise! – here’s X with the twfm window manager… snort! And of course, no text mode console! Linux distros are getting worst and worst.
And I think I have to try another distribution more. If someone knows how to solve this, he will save me much time on googling and/or trying another distro: text-mode console is a must.

As today was also an unluky day, Nero burning rom stopped to work on my laptop from wich I burned dvds of downloaded distros; to solve this I had to download the latest upgrade from

My linux experience today: much time spent on a (now) non working pc, in a sunday of marvelous weather. I would have had to take a walk, instead…

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