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Mostly Crystal Firefox Theme

I’ve recently discovered the Mostly Crystal Firefox theme, based on Crystal icons by Everaldo. Crystal icons are the most beatiful icons ever seen, and Firefox looks great with this theme. It is possible also to extend the theme to Menuitems and Program-Window icons. Really nice the spinning Penguin :-) Crystal Icons are licensed under LGPL […]

Since some days I'm trying to secure a tiny pc that I am planning to connect to internet full-time to be used by me as development server and for deploying some custom web application to handle some job documentation (i.e. to generate invoices, manage job time, archive documents etc.). After I put it on internet […]

Better HTML Buttons… with images

I never understood why HTML spec, still links the action of a form to the form itself: in a form you may need more possibility (edit, delete, insert, etc...) and you'll have many buttons then, so I think that html should link the action to the button, like in any intelligent gui language.So it would […]

Yesterday night I was fighting with Wake On Lan (aka: WOL) feature that is supported by the BIOS of my home pc… I went to sleep at 5.00am, without any success. The day after is usually painful ;-) I found a nice WOL mini howto, and also some easy source code made in C and […]

Have you ever thought about why almost every DB provides sequence functionality ? That's because sequences are not so trivial to implement when facing concurrent transactions. Today I faced the problem of having a "sub-sequence" for some data: I had the need to generate sequence codes for groups of records in the same table. In […]

Linux PAM Automatic Blacklisting

I just posted last tip Improving security on OpenSSH, in wich I thought about a way to tell SSH daemon to black list host responsibles of too many fail login attempts. After some googling I found this: pam_abl. I tryied it, but had no chance to make it work as I need: I disabled PAM […]

Improving security on OpenSSH

After just one day that I am leaving my linux server online, I've detected intrusions checking logs (/var/log/auth.log). Here you find how an intrusion attempt looks like: ... Aug 31 23:21:25 localhost sshd[4558]: User root not allowed because not listed in AllowUsers Aug 31 23:21:28 localhost sshd[4560]: Illegal user admin from ::ffff: Aug 31 23:21:31 […]


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