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Email URL Encoder Tool

I've just written this little tool to encode email templates into mailto URLs. It's based on URL Decoder/Encoder by Eric Meyer. Hope it could be useful to someone. The "to" field is mandatory. You can specify multiple values separated by comma. For more info on mailto URLs, see rfc2368. To download this script just grab […]

What’s the difference between a library and a framework? Do you have an answer? In one of the latest meet of the JUG Torino I heared a nice aswer from Simon: Libraries are a software called by you; the framework is that software that calls you. Neat! Also we can say that you write code […]

Linux Day 2006

I’ll visit friends of GNUG in Torino this afternoon at the Linux Day 2006.

Google Personal Homepage

I really love Google Personal HomePage. Google Personal HomePage lets you to have GMail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Analytics, weather forecasts, and much more in a single page for a quick overview. Almost any application can be integrated with it. Recently Google launched Google Docs & Spreadsheets, which makes possible to write and share […]

Trimming JDBC

Using plain JDBC to access databases involves in a lot repetitive code. On serveral project I worked on I’ve seen some “frameworks” that often required more code than using jdbc direclty. I’ve always thought that a good framework/library is that one that requires to you to write the less code as possible: only the necessary […]

October’s meeting of Java User Group Torino wil take place on 26th with this schedule: 18.30: Check-in! 18.45: Quickie: “Starting with Robocode!” by Domenico Ventura (JUG Torino) 19.00: Seminar: “The Multimedia Home Platform (MHP)” by Domenico Barbieri (Sun Italy) 20.00: EOF (maybe having a VeryBigPizza all together!) You may find more info about the event […]

Currently I'm working on project that started anew some months ago. Even if it's not a legacy project, the client (a public administration company) imposed a list of technologies that are considered "stable". This means: jdk 1.3.1, struts 1.2 + jsp, stateless session beans on weblogic 7, and pure jdbc access to the database. After […]


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