Google Browser Sync plugin for Firefox

Google Browser Sync plugin for Firefox

I just discovered a Firefox plugin that promises to be fantastic. I’ve not tried it for enough time to say that it really rocks as it seems, but I’ve never been disappointed by google stuff. Google Browser Sync is able to synchronize your browser bookmarks, cookies, passwords, etc. between multiple browsers. It’s much useful if you use different computers at office and at home.
Yes, you can keep in synch your security information… if you trust google. By the way you can choose to only keep bookmarks, that I think it is the most needed feature.

Since now I used Foxmarks Bookmark Synchronizer, and it works very well. A nice thing about it is that you can access your bookmarks also from a website; so that if you go in an internet point you still can browse your bookmarks without any plugin or firefox too.

What Google Browser Sync is missing:

  1. As far as I know it doesn’t have a website for accessing this information online without firefox.
  2. Social bookmarking, in the way also has to come.
  3. It does not synchronizes plugins. I cannot wonder why: it should not be much different than syncing other stuff, and it can be useful too.
  4. Knowing your passwords virtually lets google able to provide a universal single sign-on mechanism for the web. It won’t be bad, and it could worth the pain to share (some) passwords with google. I trust them enough to keep all my emails on gmail, so won’t be much different to store also passwords on it. A universal single sign-on would be great for the web.

Other Google plugins for Firefox can be download from here. I recommend you also Google Notebook and the toolbar. They work perfectly with Firefox 2.0

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