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My new WIFI antenna

I found a curious website about home made antennas. I am without internet at home: the flat I’ve rent doesn’ t have a phone line at all. So, since tonight this is my new WIFI antenna: I am writing this post using an open hot spot reachable only in this way… incredible but true, it […]

This is me entering Springfield city. I’m gonna meet Omer and get some Duff Beer at Moe’s pub. You can create your Simpsonized character at website. Cool!

Since the update to Eclipse 3.3 I am noticing that on my current work project the hot code replacement (while in debug) is nomore working: not triggered at all. I’ve not made further investigation, other than checking on Eclipse release notes that someone worked on that feature. But I found no warnings. If someone noticed […]

Piero Ricca, is an Italian citizen owning a blog in which he speaks about politics and justice. A sort of Italian Michael Moore, I would say. Yesterday, the blog of my friend Piero Ricca has been censored. Blocked actually, as Italian police has changed passwords, blocked posts and comments on that site, deleted articles. You […]

Oracle workarounds: use JDK 1.4

Look at this Oracle bug report: Bug 5161005 — ORACLE.SQL.NUMBER(BIGDECIMAL) GIVES WRONG VALUE WORKAROUND: JDK issue, use JDK 1.4 or earlier supported version. Issue is fixed in the 11.0 release; there are no currently existing backports for any 10.x version of the JDBC driver. JDK 1.4 is so recent (2002) so don’t rash.

Many of my friends already did, so I joined the twitter community. Here’s my twitter home: I haven’t still understood what it is supposed to be. Just, I started twittering (that’s the correct word?)


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