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DHTML Lemmings

What nice things can be done with Javascript! I’m astonished. I loved that game, now we have Lemmings in DHTML (DOM, HTML, CSS and Javascript of course). Running in any modern browser. Very cool. I’ll go looking for a port for pocket pc and palm.

Today I got this error message on my blog. WordPress database error: [Can’t open file: ‘wp_comments.MYI’. (errno: 145)] It’s not the first time. Last time I solved quickly searching on google what the “errno: 145″ is. I found it is a database corruption problem. I don’t know why that happened, I guess spammers are exaggerating […]

The build of a component of the software I am working on, takes 15 minutes to complete… before, remember to stop the appserver, and after start it back again. Then login, and retest your steps with remote debugging… The build system is a kind of proprietary module-based build, involving code generation for database, logging (!!!) […]

If you use tools like netswitcher to configure on the fly more profiles for accessing the networks from home / office / Internet Cafe you may have a look at netsh command line provided by Windows, that can do this and more weird things, like binding more IP addresses to your network interface. For example, […]

As many guys around the Java community, I follow the bileblog, and being not an English mother language, often it’s not easy to understand because of the slang; but it’s also much learning, for the same reason. I was happy today to find out a “hurban dictionary” to completely enjoy Hani’s creativity. I am sure […]


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