Recently I am getting annoyed by an Internet Service Provider Company from Italy that I was using more than 2 years ago. They made me crazy at that time: I was calling the support and they were very rude and incompetent. They was charging me the double price for the service, so after some time, not being able to get heard by anyone equipped with a brain, I decided to break the contacts and forget about them. After 2 years, they concluded now that I owe them some money, and they continue bugging me with painful phone calls asking me to consider paying.

My splendid HTC3300 with Windows Mobile doesn’t provide the feature to filter phone calls. Probably it’s a feature too intelligent for the engineers that designed Windows Mobile.
But there is a way to make every mobile phone to support call filtering: using a silent ring tone associated to contacts. Or better, if your mobile can associate a ring tone to a contact group – Windows Mobile can’t, of course! – you can create a contact group called “black listed” and associate that to a silent ring tone, and put all your unwanted contacts in that group. So that your phone will ring silently and hopefully the callers will get tired soon to wait for an answer that will never came.

I think that a filtering feature should be available in any modern mobile phone. At last I came out with this idea: the silent ring tone. And now it is.

For anyone that could need my silent ring tone, you can download it from here:
silence.mp3 or

It is just 1 second of silence. Generated by Audacity and converted to aac with Nokia Music Manager.

2 Responses to “How to filter phone calls from any mobile phone”  

  1. 1 Mike

    Thank you very much for this. I needed to silence spam calls without having to use those “do-not-call” lists that would likely just sell your do-not-call information to other spammers.

  2. 2 Michael

    Thans for sharing! Helped me to ignore some old “friends” still calling me.

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