Who designed Windows Mobile should be killed, but very slowly…

I have an HTC3300 with Windows Mobile 5.0, and as a phone, my Nokia 3210 was much better. Also my Palm Tungsten T2 was much better to handle contacts, TODO lists, calendar, notes, etc. Actually I continue using the Tungsten T2 as PIM, because of how stupid Windows Mobile is. At the beginning I thought that it was me that was not still accustomed with the new software. But now it’s one year that I try to use it and I still get puzzled by the stupid Windows Mobile.

Some things that almost all the phones can do and Windows Mobile can’t:

  • Assign more than one mobile phone number to a contact
  • Send an SMS to a phone number that is not classified as “mobile phone number” in the address book
  • Assign a ring tone to a Contact Group
  • Assign a tone to SMS notification

Moreover, the feature to add and edit contacts has been probably designed by someone escaped from a mental hygienic institute: you have to scroll up and down to search the few fields you need to fill, and the controls to cancel or confirm your changes are almost hidden.
Other applications are bad as well. For example the graffiti help doesn’t give you the correct information on how to write most of special characters (like $, €, etc)

Most of latest Palm smart phones are using Windows Mobile. That’s a real pity. Palm already did a bad choice when they moved from Graffiti 1 to Graffiti 2. Fortunately I found the way to use Graffiti 1 on the Tungsten T2.

I’ll never buy another Windows Mobile handy or PIM, I hope that device producers will find a better OS to install on their products. Windows Mobile must die.

6 Responses to “Things that Windows Mobile smartphones can’t do”  

  1. 1 Michael Rimov

    Here Here!

    I have been so absolutely frustrated with Windows Mobile as a PIM. I’m hoping that the next Palm innovation when it finally comes out will rescue me from mediocre smartphones!


  2. 2 Gianluca Palermo

    Hi Luigi,

    I personally have the Palm Treo 700p and I love it. Despite it’s recent criticism as being old and outdated, I find that I prefer the Palm OS’s simplicity and ease of use over the bloated Windows Mobile. The only feature I would love to see in the next version is better multitasking capabilities like in the Blackberry’s. I think the Palm OS is long overdue for a major upgrade, but the foundation that Palm OS has already laid down is very solid. I much prefer it over any other SmartPhone OS.


  3. 3 Otar Kirvalidze

    you guys are fucked up… did you know that?
    WTF r u talking about??? i have windows mobile 6 pro. touchscreen..i just love it. my contacts are fine.. everithing works smooth and nice,

    P.S. you can change tone of your sms…

  4. 4 Giuppi

    Otar, since you know more than us all, can you please tell me how I assign two mobile phones to the same contact? I thought I would figure it out in a couple minutes, but after 4 months of Smartphone 6.0 I still can´t…

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  2. 2 How to filter phone calls from any mobile phone - NewInstance

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