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A super drawing you can always reuse (to gain points with your boss): A joke I draw on a white board corner of a huge and impressive drawing. Unluckily there was only the red pen: multiple color charts are the key for the success in software architectures! (infact, I never seen a chart that doesn't […]

Chuck’s Java dialect

The only primitive Chuck Norris uses in Java is ABSOLUTE_FEAR. In fact, in his dialect of Java, it is the only legal symbol in the entire language. There are no variables, because Chuck never varies: the pain he causes is constant. There are no control statements, because Chuck is always in control. There are no […]

Typing password is tedious. The "remember my password" has been invented to avoid users to type the passwords. A nice day some genius invented the "password manager" and... guess what? It asks for a password! The Secure Storage has been added in Eclipse Ganymede, it is compulsory, and this is why I really hate it. […]

I just fall into this fantastic website. It's a very fun reading, specially the AntiPatterns section: I just opened some random links there and I fall back into many memories of previous (and current) jobs...

Self executing war files

Easy installation: Just java -jar hudson.war, or deploy it in a servlet container. No additional install, no database. This is what I just read from the hudson's website this morning. If it is so easy to run an application everyone wants to try it. So I did: just downloaded and run. It took 5 minutes, […]

Disappointed by Ganymede

Looking at little details, also in the user interface, Eclipse Ganymede is not a stable release. I tried on Linux, so I don't know if things go better with Windows. The worst part is the update manager: incredibly slow, bad working and hangs frequently; much better the old one. I lost a couple of hours […]


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