Disappointed by Ganymede

Looking at little details, also in the user interface, Eclipse Ganymede is not a stable release. I tried on Linux, so I don't know if things go better with Windows.
The worst part is the update manager: incredibly slow, bad working and hangs frequently; much better the old one.
I lost a couple of hours this morning using the new update manager to install Subversive provided by the Ganymede update site. And after installing it didn't get it working:

SVN: '0x00400006: Validate Repository Location' operation finished with error: Selected SVN connector library is not available or cannot be loaded.
If you selected native JavaHL connector, please check if binaries are available or install and select pure Java Subversion connector from the plug-in connectors update site.
If connectors already installed then you can change the selected one at: Window->Preferences->Team->SVN->SVN Client.
Selected SVN connector library is not available or cannot be loaded.
If you selected native JavaHL connector, please check if binaries are available or install and select pure Java Subversion connector from the plug-in connectors update site.
If connectors already installed then you can change the selected one at: Window->Preferences->Team->SVN->SVN Client.

...and in the SVN Client connector I get an empty combo box, so I cannot select anything. I already installed everything related to SVN in all the update repositories, and cannot find any "Java Subversion connector" or "JavaHL connector".
It is surprising that SVN integration doesn't come with Ganymede by default.
I am doing last attempts, but if I can't get it working, I'll probably give it a last chance with Subclipse, and if this also doesn't work, I'll go back to Europa. Very sad.

The network proxy management is completely broken. So you may find problem connecting eclipse to internet (and of course in the super buggy update manager), even if your proxy setting are correct. This can contribute wasting your time...

It's the first time I have a so bad feeling on an eclipse release.

Update: Subclipse 1.4.0 works on Ganymede. I give it a second chance.

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  1. 1 Alaa Nassef

    WOW. The case with me is completely different. I love the new update manager, and I find it a lot faster than that of Europa. I also installed subversive, and it was done without any errors, and I also checked out an open source project , and all went fine. As for why subversive is not included in Ganymede, its because it’s still an incubation project. Even though subversive has an old history, but it’s new as an eclipse project, so it was given a lower version number, and put in incubation, until they make sure that everything is OK.

  2. 2 Al Sutton

    To get the connectors you need to add the following site;


    to the list of sites under the “Available Software” tab in the Software Updates and Add-ons dialogue box.

  3. 3 mibbGabes

    Thanks Al Sutton!

    Exactly what I needed.


  4. 4 Luigi

    After the first impression, I am continuing using it. Except for the update manager and some minor stuff. It’s not so bad.

  5. 5 John

    I have such trouble getting anything working in the JEE5 tools that I must say that GANYMEDE is the WORST simultaneous release ever.
    In fact I guess that nobody was commited to test the whole integration package.
    It was a fixed date release not a quality based one.
    Now I’m just afraid that such a mess will spread to tools based on eclipse like Rational Application Developer.
    And don’t try to install the modeling tools, they will just make your environement crash over and over again.

  6. 6 Ralph

    Hi Luigi,

    yes I now agree with you. Eclipse Ganymede bother me today very hard. I tried to update a Plugin which I developed in Eclipse. After uploaded my new Plugin Version into my UpdateSite Eclipse Ganymede itself was unable to install the new Plugin! The Reason was that the new Plugin IDE generates two new files “content.xml” and “artifacts.xml”. If I uploaded these files into my UpdateSite location the UpdateManager from Eclipse Ganymede was unable to install the plugin correctly. I did not know what the files are good for but after I removed these files an everything works fine.

  7. 7 Polaco

    Yeah i have the exact same disappointment here!
    I also went back to Europa but now i ll try Al Sutton’s solution. Thx

  8. 8 Luigi

    I was able to install the svnkit and subversive connectors using this url


    But still… it doesn’t work!!!

    what a mess!!! :-?

  9. 9 enimanev

    Hey guys,
    I’m having similar frustrating experience with Ganymede. One thing however about Subversive – the connectors won’t work if you installed the SVN command line tool after the Eclipse plugin. The only solution then is to uninstall the plugins/install svn.exe/reinstall the Subversive plugins again.

  10. 10 Jim Cripe

    The directions in this article fixed the SVN connector version problems I was having:

  11. 11 Luigi

    Thanks Jim.

    I think your url is doing pretty much what I wrote here.

  12. 12 ilda

    thanks al – installing from that polarian update site worked for me too!

  13. 13 Nash

    Well am totally dissapointed by the javascript editor. Make one mistake and save it, and wham the IDE crashes!! And it happens so many times. the intellisense is good, but I expected a solid JavaScript editor which doesn’t crash so often.

  14. 14 Joe

    I too am disappointed with eclipse, specifically the update manager.
    I guess the new Equinox p2 is junk. Here are directions to remove it.

    I’ve also had times where my maven dependencies fail to show up yet they are clearly there. Restarting eclipse usually fixes this issues.

    I’m sure bugs were opened against it, but I can’t get update manger to work, even with the link I provided above.

    Falling back to Europa.

  15. 15 Sam Goldberg

    I have to agree that the Ganymede release is really buggy. Eclipse has gone Microsoft, so to speak.

    This is the 4th or 5th version of Eclipse I have used, and it is by far the worst. It frequently hangs – which is by far the worst problem. It inexplicably starts building the workspace even when nothing has change. The UpdateManager also hangs, and is very slow.

    I’m guessing that the root cause of all the problems are due to network latency, caused when different plugins try to access the internet. Probably especially MyLyn, and also probably the Data collection utility. And what’s so frustrating is that it’s not clear to me how to disable/uninstall these things.

    Eclipse has now become heavy-weight, slow, and like Microsoft, hides processes from the user, so that it is difficult to disable the causes of the instability.

    A BIG THUMBS DOWN for this release!

  16. 16 Alex

    A year have passed. Now it is Version: 3.4.2. Windows version.

    Totally hang ups on trying to update\install plugins. Even sometimes just Java source file gives a hang.

    F@ck Eclipse. Goto back to IntelliJ.

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  2. 2 Ganymede and Subversive, finally got installed and working - NewInstance

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