Typing password is tedious. The "remember my password" has been invented to avoid users to type the passwords. A nice day some genius invented the "password manager" and... guess what? It asks for a password!

The Secure Storage has been added in Eclipse Ganymede, it is compulsory, and this is why I really hate it. I tried to find out a way to disable it and having eclipse remembering my password as before, but no way. Now you have a password: if you want it or not, and you have to face it.

secure storage in eclipse

In firefox, the "master password" can be disabled. Having that possibility is not just luxury, and infact firefox always had this option.

the master password in firefox

Keeping the life easy to users should be a mission for software writers. Intrusive security is really boring, Windows Vista is an example:

Keep the life easy. Don't put a bodyguard behind the users if they don't require: it will be not welcome.

18 Responses to ““Secure Storage” in Ganymede is forced paranoia”  

  1. 1 tedman

    actually you can get around most of it.

    in your eclipse/eclipse.ini file just add 2 lines


    then edit the passwordfile.txt and put a master password in there.

    You may need to delete your .eclipse/org.eclipse.equinox.security directory.

    Make sure you do all the above with eclipse stopped (or it’ll recreate everything upon exit of eclipse and it’ll be all wrong).

    Start up eclipse again, and now you can use it like before, no more prompting for secure storeage passwords.

  2. 2 Matheus

    That’s really a shame. I wonder who was the genius that thought about this paranoia security thing that can’t be disabled.
    For the next release i’m waiting for a fingerprint security system…also impossible to disable, of course.

  3. 3 david

    You can uncheck the ‘master password provider’ in Window > Preferences > General > Security > Security Provider. Close eclipse and remove the security_handler file in your .eclipse/org.eclipse.equinox.security directory.

    Open eclipse again and sync with cvs/svn and check the ‘remember password’ option. Type your password for the last time. Voila.

  4. 4 tedman

    David, you comment doesn’t seem to work on my machine.

    I assume you actually meant “… Security -> Secure Storage” then under “master password providers” uncheck “UI Prompt”.

    I’ve tried this before, and I just tried it again with the latest version, although it doesn’t ask me for a “master password” it also doesn’t store your password and it’ll keep asking for your password every time you close eclipse and open it again.

    Did you miss a step in the instructions?

    Oh an additional comment on my previous work around, when adding those lines make sure it’s added in the eclipse arguments section, not the vm arguments section, i.e. put it before the -vmargs line

  5. 5 Prantor

    This security paranoia is driving me nuts. I am ready to quit eclipse in favor of other alternatives. Don’t get in between me and my productivity with you paranoia. This is how some a perfectly good IDE becomes blot ware.

  6. 6 dire

    Works for me if you (uncheck the UI Prompt – as above) and also delete the CVS [Default Secure Storage] entry under General –> Security –> Secure Storage –> Contents.

    I did not need to delete the security_handler file (perhaps this does the same thing?).

    Restarted eclipse, prompted for username/password for the last time – phew!

    The ~/.eclipse/passwordfile.txt does not seem to be required.

  7. 7 PasswordMaster

    None of above worked here, with ganymede or galileo! This is very anoying.

  8. 8 Baggio

    It worked for me.

    Make sure you go to General –> Security –> Secure Storage –> Contents and delete the Default Secure Storage.

    Thank you, guys!

  9. 9 Jaco Vosloo

    If I disable secure storage as described here I can no longer enter passwords for the proxy authentication!
    If I find the “fokken poes” developer that designed this I would love to leave a token of my appreciation on their doorstep…

  10. 10 HeliosUpdate

    Man, Helios is just out, and I cannot get this tweak to work.

    How the hell can they leave this like this ?
    Is there a place to leave “official” requests ?

  11. 11 Ben Vitale

    I was not able to use this workaround either, but that’s because I’m on 64-bit windows. The master password provider for Windows is not supported on x64. The only alternative is accept the UI prompting, or not be able to save passwords into secure storage.

    The Eclipse bug for this is https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=226482 if you want to express your support for this issue.

  12. 12 mike

    I just wasted two F*CKING hours trying solve this issue until I read Ben’s last comment that it’s currently not solvable under x64! All I want to do now is punch my fist into the face of the guy who had the idea for this forced secure storage! … May I? Please? It would relief me enough to forget about it!

  13. 13 stephan

    I use on OpenSuse 11.0 x64 Eclipse 3.6.1 (x64) with the same problem. I worked as dire Feb 27th, 2009 at 07:42 described but after restart the UIPrompt was enabled again and default storage was set again.

    Nevertheless I typed my CVS access again but left the secure password empty (by pressing ESC or CANCEL-button). Afterwards I’ve never been bothered by this.

  14. 14 Ted

    Just upgraded to Eclipse 3.6.1 (actually, MyEclipse 9.0) and, wow, this tomfoolery with the passwords is super frustrating! This frustration will not stand, man.

    The fix posted in Comment 28 of https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=226482 (same address as the bug report above) worked for me on Windows 7. (Thanks, Oleg!) Specifically:

    * Download the jar behind the “attachment 189330″ link in Comment 28
    * Shut down Eclipse if it’s running
    * Place the downloaded jar in the dropins directory in the Eclipse installation
    * Start Eclipse

    Eclipse will give you a pop-up message about the detected jar.

    If you already have your CVS password saved, be sure to read Comment 27. Basically, it describes how to blow away your saved CVS password so you can enter it once and for all.

  15. 15 Alexis

    Thanks Ted! That worked a charm.

  16. 16 Cowtowncoder

    What worked for me was simply:

    rm -rf ~/.eclipse/org.eclipse.equinox.security

    This on Indigo: in my case it was asking for a password I must have accidentally set (wasn’t able to get past the modal dialog)

  17. 17 MobiRic

    Win 64, Eclipse Helios x64. Worked was to follow Baggio’s suggestion:

    Make sure you go to General –> Security –> Secure Storage –> Contents and delete the Default Secure Storage.

  18. 18 tommyalf

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