Finally, after many problmes, I got Suversive working on Ganymede. So here I report what you have to do, if you want to do the same.

The update URLs to use are the followings:


The first one is already present in Eclipse, the second one, you have to add.

From eclipse menu HELP => Software Updates...
Select Available software Tab.
Click on "Add Site" and specify the URL:

Open the polarion URL open the branch "Subversive SVN Connectors" and check "Subversive SVN Connectors" and "SVNKit 1.1.7 Implementation (Optional)"


Now, open "Ganymede Update Site" branch, then "Collaboration Tools", and check "SVN Team Provider":


Click on install and cross your fingers. It worked for me on Linux, and for one my collegue on Windows XP.

9 Responses to “Ganymede and Subversive, finally got installed and working”  

  1. 1 Scott Ryan

    What a hack this has been. First we have to go to two sites to get all pieces required to make this run and then there are so many versions out there the dependency system cannot make heads or tails. I tried your update and at least the interface installed but when I tried to connect to the SVN repo I got a message that the client was too old and could not connect to my repository. The repository version is over a year old and seems to work fine in the older version of Eclipse.

    It is too bad Eclipse has taken so long to integrate SVN support and then the project is such a hack. CVS support is still provided by Eclipse but I have not use CVS in over 3 years. I guess it is back to Intellij or NetBeans.

  2. 2 Hari

    Another hack:
    Update/Commit the project folder with Tortoise SVN. Seems to work. But then, one might want to use the Native JavaHL connector. Why? Go figure!

  3. 3 rkilmon

    thanks for the help.
    seems to have worked for me.

  4. 4 pkc

    Seems the latest eclipse-jee-ganymede-SR1-linux-gtk.tar.gz is messed up since it no longer shows the ganymede update site. I am having new problems installing subversive this time. What a hack it has been. Every install requires a day of fighting svn 1.4/1.5 compatibilities, HAL config issues in svn plugin, and the usual open source quality/moving target issues. I have been a java developer since jdk 1.02 in 1995. I have watched one bad decision after another regarding the history of Java. I am tired of half baked hacks like Struts being industry standards. I am tired of Netbeans and Eclipse always “almost” being good enough and the promise of the next version finally being a mature and reliable IDE. I am tired of 10 million free plugins that are always lacking in key features and reliability. How could it all have gone so wrong? What happened to the dream of Java back when James Gosling first introduced it through Sun? Lets just all forget Java ever existed, get Mono working for the latest version of .NET (3.5) so its open source and not part of the evil Microsoft Empire and make the world a better place.

  5. 5 Luigi

    hi pkc.

    Yesterday I met a bug on WTP (web services stuff) and I found that the new version of it fixes that bug. So I run the “software update” in Eclipse, and the bug I was having is gone. But, guess what…? Subversive stopped working again…
    I have the feeling that this story will be a never ending one. I am not falling in love with Subversive… definitely.

  6. 6 Luigi

    I am reinstalling eclipse after the update of 11th October, and the solution posted here is not working anymore. I hate subversive…

  7. 7 Luigi

    Fixed again :-?

    the polarion url that now works is:


  8. 8 Stefan


    the Licenses of the Providers are not compatible with Eclipse. So they are separated to a second URL.

    On the eclipse subversice site is a nice installation instruction…

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