Time to buy a new laptop

I am planning to buy a new laptop for home work, hobby, and personal stuff. I am considering MacBook Pro, looks very nice and powerful: it comes with a "unix that works" out of the box, with hopefully not much hacking to be done to have full advantages of the whole hardware. The hardware is well known and I think it could also run Linux without too many troubles.
Now I am waiting for the new MacBook Pro to be delivered to the market, event that seems quite imminent, and I will consider buying the new models, or taking the old model with a good discount. Rationally I would prefer not to go for early stuff, and buy mature products, but this doesn't happen. Recently I bought this extremely bad and expensive product, but I am using it to read many books, so finally it hasn't been a complete bad buy.
I'm not sure I will use Mac OSX or Linux... Windows is out of discussion. I like Linux, but I never tried OSX, I want an OS that is primary good for Java development. Maybe I will go for a dual boot.

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  1. 1 Charles

    I’ve been using Ubuntu on a Thinkpad for going on two years now and I love it. I’ve considered buying a macbook pro as well but I would probably dump mac osx and put Ubuntu on it :)

  2. 2 Luigi

    More or less what I’ll probably do. But I’ll give OSX a chance.

  3. 3 Luigi

    New MacBooks on 14th October. Ubuntu 8.10 will be released on 30th October… I’ll have some days to give OSX a chance.

  4. 4 Massimiliano Dessì

    On Macbook pro 4.1, Ubuntu 8.04 run with efi, but out of the box don’t work wifi and brightness and fan adjustment.

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