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I've never been a great TV watcher when I was in Italy. Here in Germany I don't watch TV also because I don't understand German. But sometime I miss some Italian news shows, like Anno Zero. The public URLs are the followings: RAI 1 mms:// RAI 2 mms:// RAI 3 mms:// RaiSport+ mms:// Unfortunately the […]

As per current Java implementation, if we have an unchecked exception we can't extend it to make a checked one, and if we have a checked exception we can't extend it to make an unchecked one (except for RuntimeException that is unchecked and extends from Exception that is checked). For sure this limit is wanted […]

Throwing undeclared checked exceptions

Sometimes checked exceptions can be a problem. I tried to implement a common logic to retry failing network operations and it resulted into a kind of command pattern on which, as usual, the execute() method throws java.lang.Exception. That complicated the caller code that has to catch and handle java.lang.Exception instead of the more specific exceptions... […]

Last year our beloved politicians were discussing about a law that basically would make of all the Italian bloggers a people of undercover editors, making laws requiring the blogging activity and internet writing to be subject to state registration and taxation. Here's a fragment from an old article from Times Online: Recently, Italian lawmakers once […]

Recently I was implementing a web services client to integrate two different systems. To track problems and report bugs, I found quite useful to have scripts invoking the server to verify the response and reproduce the issues. I wrote a set of bash scripts that run isolated and I used them to prototype and verify […]

Eight years ago... ...and today... True change. Hopefully :) Good luck Obama!

Dynamic tests with JUnit 3

Sometime it is very useful to create tests dynamically. For instance, I had to test that every URL returned by a method is valid and the content can be downloaded. In this case I don't know how many URL the method was returning, and I wanted to have a separate and independent test for every […]

The Intrepid Ibex on Dell Inspiron 8600

My Dell Inspiron 8600 is now too old to run the Ubuntu Desktop, so yesterday I installed Xubuntu Intrepid Ibex 8.10. The Xubuntu Xfce desktop is very nice, and seems quite faster compared to gnome Ubuntu desktop: it still misses some facilities, like dragging and dropping icons from the menu to the desktop and the […]


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