Last year our beloved politicians were discussing about a law that basically would make of all the Italian bloggers a people of undercover editors, making laws requiring the blogging activity and internet writing to be subject to state registration and taxation.

Here's a fragment from an old article from Times Online:

Recently, Italian lawmakers once again took aim at modern life, introducing an incredibly broad law that would effectively require all bloggers, and even users of social networks, to register with the state. Even a harmless blog about a favourite football squad or a teenager grousing about life’s unfairness would be subject to government oversight, and even taxation – even if it’s not a commercial website.

That law was suspended, but after one year, it is again on top of the priorities of our lawmakers: free speech is the biggest pain for our leaders. Internet is the place where most of the criticism is raised by people to politicians, and it's easy to see that on most of political websites. Curious to see how in USA a president has been elected financed and supported by people on Internet. It would be interesting to see how those people would react if Obama govern try to make a law like that.

This law is one of the most discussed topic by Italian bloggers. In the meantime, while my country is rapidly moving to a dictatorship (and not only for laws like this), I moved myself to Germany, and when this idiocy will be a law I will rehost my blog in some civilized country.

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