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I'm working on different projects, and every project has its own requirements: jvm, eclipse version (with specific plugins), tomcat version, ant version, etc... Initially I was modifying manually the ~/.bashrc or ~/.profile settings, commenting and uncommenting sections. But this process doesn't scale: it's error prone, your shell profile settings quickly becomes unmaintainable, etc. etc. So […]

The new MacBook Pro clicking hard disk

While using my MacBook Pro it happens that the hard disk makes a little noise time by time: a silent "click". Noisy hard disks are not a good sign, but since the beginning I was hoping that it was the energy saving "feature" parking the heads of the hard disk when not used. This wasn't […]

OSX and Key repeat rate

I hate slowness on the terminal. If also you are thinking that the default keyboard repeat rate on OSX is too slow, do the following: Open System Preferences, choose "Keyboard and Mouse". Choose "Keyboard". Drag the slider to adjust the repeat rate setting. Much better now. OSX survival continues from here...

Some tips for iTerm

I just installed iTerm and I'm quite enthusiast. It's not easy to configure, but it has everything needed. Cool prompt, with iTerm dynamic title I don't like the default prompt provided in OSX. So I want the more familiar (for ubuntuers) "user@hostname:/current/work/dir$" path. The following one also keeps the terminal title updated with the current […]

It's more than one month and half now, that I am using a MacBook Pro at home - mostly for fun than for work - so I think that I can say something about my first experience coming from Linux recently, and Windows in the past. I don't want to offend anyone, so don't see […]


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