Apple MightyMouse: don’t buy it.

Two Saturdays ago, I bought the Wireless Apple Mightymouse. Very nice looking, but I find it much harder to use than the MacBook's touchpad. Basically the problem is the acceleration, there's no way to set it up without external utility: usboverdrive, steermouse, about $20 each. While you can adjust mouse acceleration in any decent OS, it seems that on Macs - like in low-cost flights - you pay every basic additional feature.
The touchpad of my MacBook is the best experience I've ever had with a touchpad, the MightyMouse experience is the worst experience with a mouse; this acceleration issue makes it very hard to use and very imprecise. Awful.
Simply, don't buy it and save 70 euro.

Noticeable good things: the trackball, the easiness to setup the Bluetooth connectivity. The rest, is totally crap. Also, I read of people complaining that after a while the trackball gets dirty and stops working. And it's very hard to clean up and restore it working. Uhm...

One thing to add, just to relief those thinking that I'm getting an anti-apple guy1: I also don't like the "paste" function binded to the middle-mouse click on Linux. I often get accidental pastes in source code for that "feature". And, of course, there's not an easy way to disable it: as far as I understood the only way is to trick on Xorg configuration. But... the good thing is that Linux evolves, and this will probably be fixed before or later (and it should be the time!!!); it seems to me that OSX is bound to legacy usability errors that they call "features", and they never go forward on those points. Think different: I'm trying but thinking wrong is not pleasant.
I cannot see the time when Ubuntu will be working fine on new MacBooks hardware.

1 Apple's hardware is cool, it's the software that sucks!

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