I updated today from Jaunty to Karmic and, as effect, I had Suspend/Resume/Hibernate broken. But reboot and shutdown works; before with Jaunty the reboot was frequently crashing.

To fix the Suspend/Resume, I modified /boot/grub/menu.lst to add the kernel option acpi=noirq


title		Ubuntu 9.10, kernel 2.6.31-14-generic
uuid		5daec709-2655-4d7c-9968-969143e31fbd
kernel		/boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=UUID=5daec709-2655-4d7c-9968-969143e31fbd ro quiet splash acpi=noirq
initrd		/boot/initrd.img-2.6.31-14-generic

Other problem I found during the distro upgrade:

  • sound is now working without needing to compile a patched alsa driver. But it made me crazy to make headphone work. The audio settings are now simplified, and that is a good thing, but they are hiding options needed to make things work. Hint: install gnome-alsamixer and unmute headphones.
  • infrared remote control stopped working. I have to investigate further on this.

For now I notice that Nvidia GPU temperature looks lower now, but I still use mfc-daemon to automatically adapt fan speed to CPU temperature; but sometime it stops working and if you are not at the computer it may be risky (today I almost burned it while watching a video running in novell moonlight, which turns your laptop in a oven)

Sound works much better, it seems that the problem of the applications locking the sound resource exclusively is gone, or reduced. So now running vlc and a youtube video works fine. In the sound preferences now you can see the applications that are using the audio device:

Karmic Sound


9 Responses to “Suspend/Resume problem in Ubuntu Karmic 9.10 running on MacBook Pro 5.1”  

  1. 1 lubuntu

    I tried your suggestion on a Macbook pro 4,1 but it didn’t resolve my suspend problem. What I did see is that the mouse cursor responds very delayed on the the USB-connected mightmouse. When moving the cursor via the mouse pad, it responds normally. This must be related to switching off the acpi irq somehow.

  2. 2 clata

    I tried your tip too but it didn’t work for me…
    Anyway the following workaround fixed the issue in a quite elegant way for now.

    After resuming your computer, if the speaker-phones sound went away and only the headphones keep working, try the following from the command line to restore full functionalities to your sound system:

    $ sudo alsa force-reload


  3. 3 Alan Mamand

    I have the same suspend problem, with Ubuntu 9.10, the problem occurred when I upgraded my video card from an on-board Siemens Fujutsu motherboard video card which I thik was intel, to a VGI Nevidia vidio card 512 DDR2 Ram.

  4. 4 Pete Ashdown

    You should make this change in /etc/default/grub under grub2.

  5. 5 Luigi

    Hi Pete, in Ubuntu, that file does not exists. The grub configuration is located in /boot/grub/*

  6. 6 bob

    If you install a fresh copy of Ubuntu 9.10 you get Grub2 installed.

    There is no /boot/grub/menu.lst for grub2.

    There is a file /boot/grub/grub.cfg but you are not supposed to edit it, instead it tells you to edit /etc/default/grub but if you open up this there is very little to edit.

    First they get rid of xorg.conf, then they get rid of menu.lst. Are they trying to make Linux harder to get working properly than it already is?

    Also, why did they include grub2 in the latest Ubuntu? It’s obviously still in beta phase. The grub recovery console simply does not work under grub2. None of the documented commands work. Poor show.

    It’s very disappointing to install Ubuntu onto your laptop to find that resuming from suspend STILL does not work, and when you go out of your way to try and fix it you suddenly find that non of the fixes suggested don’t apply to your “updated” software.

    Looks like it’s back to Windows, again.

  7. 7 Luigi

    Hi Bob.

    Sorry to hear that. I upgraded from 9.04 to 9.10.

    BTW, before going back to Windows, try also this:

    Best luck.

  8. 8 bLax

    Ciao! sono capitato qui per caso: vista la “recensione” e avendo lo stesso macbook, volevo sapere se esiste il modo di usare la scheda grafica 9400 al posto della 9600….


  9. 9 dC

    I had a problem with suspend initially, after installing Ubuntu Lucid 10.04, not to talk about Grub2 problems with dual-booting OS X. This made my Macbook Pro 5.3 fail completely, the keyboard freezing, the mouse as well, the WLAN driver being kicked out totally:

    “To fix the Suspend/Resume, I modified /boot/grub/menu.lst to add the kernel option acpi=noirq”

    I did add this to the grub defaults, made a update-grub and then could not access the machine anymore. The only solution is to start the LiveCD, mount the drive, change the /boot/grub/grub.cfg settings by erasing acpi=noirq, boot into the system again, delete it also from the /etc/default/grub file and run a new update-grub. After setting up all the MacTel modules and packages, everything was working fine. So, plain installation of Lucid, update all drivers, do as described on the Ubuntu Macbook Community pages, and do not, I repeat, do not add:


    at least not to a Macbook Pro 5.3.

    good luck!

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