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Wake on LAN

Many modern computers and network enabled devices support the functionality to be turned on remotely. This is commonly referred as Wake on LAN or Remote Wake-Up. Technically this is done sending a datagram packet in broadcast to all the computers in the same network, on any port (the usual one is port number 7); the […]

Uninstalling .pkg files on OSX

I feel safe in managing my tasks on computers when I can always undo last operations and restore a working environment. For that reasons tools like cvs, subversion, git, etc. do exist. But the same should be true with an operating system. You do your stuff, install apps, and when unhappy of the changes you […]

Some time ago, I've answered to a job interview question which was sounding more or less like: «suppose you have 20 minutes to talk to an audience of junior developers about what have been the lessons you learned from your software development experience, and resume that in three points, about what a good developer shall […]

Eclipse slow in OSX

I found that eclipse is incredibly slow in OSX, switching from tab to tab, reorganizing or switching the perspectives, or maximizing the tabs, it is so slow that can barely be defined as usable. If you are experiencing the same problem, try to modify the eclipse.ini ( in this way. Change the line -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.5 to: […]

Currently I am using GWT for a new project and I am really enthusiast of the results. I think it could be a nice article for this blog to explain some GWT ideas and how it is changing the way modern web application are being written. With GWT you use a subset of Java Core […]

I used to create launchers in Linux for command line applications, to place on the desktop or in some bar. On Linux, that is as easy as specifying the launcher command or bash script, tell if you want run it in a console or not, and specify an icon. On OSX (...) read this article. […]


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