Dear Apple, dear Sony, dear stupid "international" company willing to sell me stuff through internet...

the fact that, in this period of my life, I am living in Germany and I own a German credit card, doesn't mean that I can perfectly understand German. So why there is no way to change the language in your store applications to English or Italian?
It's so difficult to understand?

I bought my Mac in Germany and I requested an international keyboard. And I also use English on my laptop, because even if I am Italian native speaker, I prefer to use English on my computer. And... I was doing the same when I was living in Italy and Switzerland. The same question may be posed to the laptop sellers: why, if I buy a laptop in Germany I have to stick to local Windows language and keyboard layout? What is so difficult to understand in the fact that users may like to choose the language to use for programs and hardware they buy?

How am I supposed to buy anything from a website which doesn't speak my language? Even living in Germany I can use my internet banking in English: does this sounds strange to your company? In which century are you guys living? May I expect that an internet service speaks a second language despite where I live, or from where I pay?


3 Responses to “AppStore, Playstation Store and the forced language”  

  1. 1 Kris

    Could you please share which German bank offers its web pages in English? I have the same problem like you with German web pages and prefer everything in English

  2. 2 Luigi

    Deutsche Bank has English Internet Banking, and it is a quite good one. Also the Automatic Teller Machines can be setup in several languages, including English of course.

  3. 3 Luigi

    Recently the Sony Playstation Network got hacked, exposing million of financial data of their customers (including me). Given the disrespect for a system that cannot possibly speak your language… Why am I not surprised?

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