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This picture has been shot from the Rhein promenade in Düsseldorf. I remember I was having a bad day at home, so I went out for a photo walk, which extended to be till late evening. I come back with a lot of good shots. The sun was red and visible by bare eyes, and […]

Looks like with the plugins I installed recently on my blog, the spam is completely gone away. I didn’t want to install captcha, since they are quite annoying. But it looks like they are effective against spam. I found “Conditional CAPTCHA” which works in the correct way: the user insert the comment, if the bayesian […]

When I first had to use OS X I had hard time with some things that weren’t working as expected. I thought they were usability bugs, but of course don’t try to argue about that with a veteran Apple user, because “you’re ugly and stupid, and that’s the way it should be! And OSX has […]

Last week I visited Liège. It was rainy, and we found refuge in the Saint Paul Cathedral. The picture above shows how beautiful this church is. And photographic friendly. I was in Aachen Cathedral the week before and it wasn’t half much as beautiful as the Liège Cathedral, use of tripod is forbidden and interesting […]

Being a Unix user (Linux/OSX) I need sometime to run some Windows utility in a Virtual Machine. But I don’t want to break the virtual machine, installing and uninstalling things, or accidentally, or by the wast hordes of viruses and malwares that infestate Windows. So, here I found how to do it: How to discard […]


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