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If you don’t know Project Honey Pot, go and have a look. They offer a service for querying IP addresses and check if they are listed in those involving in spamming or threatening activities. So, if your visitor has a black listed IP you can block him from accessing or doing something sensitive. Since it […]

Self executing jar files

I personally always felt bad about the fact that we have to provide a shell script which runs the executable jar file. It would be nice if we could provide a self contained executable in a single file, right? I just discovered a trick which works on unix, but it can possibly be adapted on […]

Yesterday I noticed that when I close the lid of my MacBook Pro the light in front of the case was not indicating that the computer was going to sleep normally. Still the fans were running and when I opened the lid, I saw that it was not resuming from sleep properly, presenting a strange […]

The Azure Window, in Gozo Island, Malta, a photo by Luigi R. Viggiano on Flickr. New year, new life. Got my camera bag stolen with all the gears in my hometown Turin. Yesterday I was looking back to the old pictures, and I found some good ones made with a 10 year old super compact […]

Another funny video I found around.

I/O Exception handling

I very much prefer this approach: OutputStream out = new MyOutputStream(…); //may throw IOException try { //use the stream } finally { out.close(); } than this: OutputStream out = null; try { out = new MyOutputStream(…); //may throw IOException //use the stream } finally { if (out != null) { out.close(); } } I just […]

Sunset on Salzburg, a photo by Luigi R. Viggiano on Flickr. I got very positive comments about this picture I made yesterday evening in Salzburg. My only picture in flickr explore was another sunset I shot in Dusseldorf, and this one is getting good attention today, so I hope it will be my second flickr […]

Venetian Mask

Venetian Mask, a photo by Luigi R. Viggiano on Flickr. I made many pictures of those masks in Roman shops. In some shops I saw same sign saying "no picture please". Eventually the idea to shot those colorful masks is not too original, and the shop owners get tired of people coming in just for […]

After installing OS X Lion I tried to burn a DVD in my macbook, and it turns out that this is what I get using Disk Utility: I tried several DVDs (DVD+R, DVD-R, different brands, and tried to burn at different speed), with no luck. Also it refuses to read movie DVDs. But it can […]

This picture has been shot from the Rhein promenade in Düsseldorf. I remember I was having a bad day at home, so I went out for a photo walk, which extended to be till late evening. I come back with a lot of good shots. The sun was red and visible by bare eyes, and […]


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