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Online Free Book: Getting Real

Just put in my queue: Getting Real Today I had an overview of Clean Code, by Uncle Bob. From what I saw today, I perfectly agree on everything, but going in details it will be for sure an enjoyable learn experience. The book is well groomed, with plenty of code samples and amusing comic strips. […]

Free book download: Maven: The Definitive Guide.

Maven: The Definitive Guide

Free online book, written with core Maven committers: Maven: The Definitive Guide. If you are lucky enough to use common build tools like maven or ant. Here my notes, only in Italian, about my Maven usage experience.

Linux From Scratch

I spent some time playing with Linux From Scratch, installing it in a QEMU box. The idea was to create a tiny and optimized Linux distro to setup some virtual machines for several purposes. While it is surely a valuable educational experience it’s also time consuming, error-prone, and a not much rewarding work. I finally […]

Free books from Prentice Hall site

Here’s is the Bruce Perens’ Open Source Series page, where you can freely download some interresting tech ebooks in PDF.

This weekend I finished reading this nice book. I’m a Dan Brown fan since his “The Da Vinci Code”, and this book is another good one. The story is about a discovery made by NASA of a meteorite containing fossils of extraterrestrial life forms, under North Pole ices. An enthralling escaping adventure begins with a […]

Yesterday night I started reading Joel on Software book. I found the italian translation (published in Italy by Mondadori) in a store, I believe that the translation is really bad, but still comprehensible. I don’t understand why translations are so bad (false friends caught, common slang literally translated, and many other mistakes). I don’t speak, […]


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