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Android sdk 2.2_r2 sources

Yesterday I took back some source samples I was using to learn android, so I got a good chance to build android-sdk-2.2_r2-src.jar for anyone that may need it. I remember to readers that there is a script to generate those on this blog post, where I also explain how to use those files. For the […]

Android.jar sources

Yesterday I wrote a post to explain how to link Android sources in Eclipse. If you use a different IDE, probably you can't have Eclipse facilities but it may be easier to have the sources "in line" with the android library. For myself usage I packed the android sources into some jar files. To have […]

If you are working with the Android Development Toolkit (ADT) for Eclipse you may have noticed that the sources for android.jar are missing. The Android SDK comes without the sources, and even if you manage to download the source code for the Android library, the ADT does not allow you to attach the sources to […]

Eclipse slow in OSX

I found that eclipse is incredibly slow in OSX, switching from tab to tab, reorganizing or switching the perspectives, or maximizing the tabs, it is so slow that can barely be defined as usable. If you are experiencing the same problem, try to modify the eclipse.ini ( in this way. Change the line -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.5 to: […]

Finally, after many problmes, I got Suversive working on Ganymede. So here I report what you have to do, if you want to do the same. The update URLs to use are the followings: The first one is already present in Eclipse, the second one, you have to add. From eclipse menu HELP […]

I blogged before about how bad is the choice to "incubate" Subversive in Eclipse. Friday evening I wasted much time to find a tutorial on Eclipse and Polarion site explaining how to install Subversive in Ganymede. No way: Eclipse site point to Polarion and Polarion site points to Eclipse site, and both of them are […]

Typing password is tedious. The "remember my password" has been invented to avoid users to type the passwords. A nice day some genius invented the "password manager" and... guess what? It asks for a password! The Secure Storage has been added in Eclipse Ganymede, it is compulsory, and this is why I really hate it. […]

Disappointed by Ganymede

Looking at little details, also in the user interface, Eclipse Ganymede is not a stable release. I tried on Linux, so I don't know if things go better with Windows. The worst part is the update manager: incredibly slow, bad working and hangs frequently; much better the old one. I lost a couple of hours […]

Since the update to Eclipse 3.3 I am noticing that on my current work project the hot code replacement (while in debug) is nomore working: not triggered at all. I’ve not made further investigation, other than checking on Eclipse release notes that someone worked on that feature. But I found no warnings. If someone noticed […]

Give color to your code!

I needed a tool to convert Java source code to a nicely printed HTML for this blog. I already knew about Java2Html, that does a great job, but I wanted a clever html and nicer row numbers. Looking inside it, I found that the code for parsing could be simplified, and generated html could be […]


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