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I just discovered a Firefox plugin that promises to be fantastic. I’ve not tried it for enough time to say that it really rocks as it seems, but I’ve never been disappointed by google stuff. Google Browser Sync is able to synchronize your browser bookmarks, cookies, passwords, etc. between multiple browsers. It’s much useful if […]

Are you tired to install applications that weaken stability of your OS? Or you just want to bring in a USB Pen Drive all your desktop applications to run them at work, at home and everywhere? The solution for both problems is “portable apps”. A “portable app” is an application that does not need to […]

A thing I usually do with firefox is to read documentation. Usually also BIG documentation. An example of that is the JDK javadocs or other libraries documentation. I think that this is quite common to any kind of developer. So a thing that I would like that any browser to do is the ability to […]

Customizing websites with Firefox

With Firefox you can define your preferences on how Firefox should display the web sites you visit. To do that, there’s a file called userContent.css in user home directory (in windows it’s placed on “C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[8digits].default\chrome”); modifying this file you can, for example, modify default font style and size, to make website more […]


Using firefox? Try those links (when not linked, copy and paste in your address bar): about: about:config about:plugins about:buildconfig about:cache about:cache?device=disk about:cache?device=memory about:credits about:license about:mozilla About plugin: Mr Tech’s About:About plugin

Mostly Crystal Firefox Theme

I’ve recently discovered the Mostly Crystal Firefox theme, based on Crystal icons by Everaldo. Crystal icons are the most beatiful icons ever seen, and Firefox looks great with this theme. It is possible also to extend the theme to Menuitems and Program-Window icons. Really nice the spinning Penguin :-) Crystal Icons are licensed under LGPL […]

Working with my laptop on different places I often have to configure network settings. Fortunately I always work on places using DHCP, so this isn’t an issue. But I’ve still to waste time switching the proxy settings in browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon…). Of course there are plugins that handle proxy switching with less effort, […]


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