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I purchased an awesome 24″ LCD Monitor by Asus, I didn’t spend much (except for the Apple Mini DisplayPort to HDMI cable). The problem with OS X, is that once you have such a wonderful display you want to use it fully, and the Apple operating system works against you. In fact, by default the […]

Yesterday I noticed that when I close the lid of my MacBook Pro the light in front of the case was not indicating that the computer was going to sleep normally. Still the fans were running and when I opened the lid, I saw that it was not resuming from sleep properly, presenting a strange […]

After installing OS X Lion I tried to burn a DVD in my macbook, and it turns out that this is what I get using Disk Utility: I tried several DVDs (DVD+R, DVD-R, different brands, and tried to burn at different speed), with no luck. Also it refuses to read movie DVDs. But it can […]

If you are an objective MacBook user you may think that those laptops tend to overheat. In case, you may give FanControl a try. If you are an Apple Fan, then it’s just correct that your keyboard is on fire.

3G USB Stick on Ubuntu

I am in London for work, and my hotel wants me to pay £ 17 per day for accessing internet. But I found an internet café which is offering Internet connection on a 3G USB stick for £ 19.99 per week ( 197 Praed Street, Paddington ). The USB stick is from Three, like […]

Suspend/Resume in Karmic /2

Previously I wrote that suspend/resume was not working in Karmic on my MacBook Pro 5.1, and I posted a solution. Now I found a better solution from the Apple Users forum on Ubuntu. The advantage is that with this fix, the suspend/resume is much faster. First you need to revert the change I suggested previously. […]

I updated today from Jaunty to Karmic and, as effect, I had Suspend/Resume/Hibernate broken. But reboot and shutdown works; before with Jaunty the reboot was frequently crashing. To fix the Suspend/Resume, I modified /boot/grub/menu.lst to add the kernel option acpi=noirq Example: title Ubuntu 9.10, kernel 2.6.31-14-generic uuid 5daec709-2655-4d7c-9968-969143e31fbd kernel /boot/vmlinuz-2.6.31-14-generic root=UUID=5daec709-2655-4d7c-9968-969143e31fbd ro quiet splash acpi=noirq […]

I bought my Mac with the "International Keyboard". Which layout should you use on Linux? The keyboard layout looks like this one: As far as I know the "USA Macintosh" is the one that fits better, but still you have the §± and `~ keys inverted. To fix this I've added to Gnome Session Startup […]

Two Saturdays ago, I bought the Wireless Apple Mightymouse. Very nice looking, but I find it much harder to use than the MacBook's touchpad. Basically the problem is the acceleration, there's no way to set it up without external utility: usboverdrive, steermouse, about $20 each. While you can adjust mouse acceleration in any decent OS, […]

Time to buy a new laptop

I am planning to buy a new laptop for home work, hobby, and personal stuff. I am considering MacBook Pro, looks very nice and powerful: it comes with a "unix that works" out of the box, with hopefully not much hacking to be done to have full advantages of the whole hardware. The hardware is […]


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