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Recently I am getting annoyed by an Internet Service Provider Company from Italy that I was using more than 2 years ago. They made me crazy at that time: I was calling the support and they were very rude and incompetent. They was charging me the double price for the service, so after some time, […]

Who designed Windows Mobile should be killed, but very slowly… I have an HTC3300 with Windows Mobile 5.0, and as a phone, my Nokia 3210 was much better. Also my Palm Tungsten T2 was much better to handle contacts, TODO lists, calendar, notes, etc. Actually I continue using the Tungsten T2 as PIM, because of […]

Ubuntu 7.10 on Lenovo T61

It is so much time I abandoned this website that actually I also forgot the password… The reason is that, since long time, I was not doing anything much interesting. But things are changing. Not changing the client, but finally I got some good assignments; the Sun is shining again and I got a new […]

My new WIFI antenna

I found a curious website about home made antennas. I am without internet at home: the flat I’ve rent doesn’ t have a phone line at all. So, since tonight this is my new WIFI antenna: I am writing this post using an open hot spot reachable only in this way… incredible but true, it […]

Disk corrupted!

Some time ago I set up a portable development environment on a little 2,5″ external hard disk. I put on it MSYS + MinGW + MSYS Developer Tool Kit (that contains ssh client), Eclipse, workspace, ant, maven2, several versions of JDKs etc.etc… everything configured to work portable. All this stuff was inside a TrueCrypt container […]

Rescue and recovery

Just for information to guys using IBM lenovo T43p laptops: yesterday afternoon I got Windows blue screen of death with laptop self rebooting twice. When I sent the crash report to Microsoft I got an information like “this is a known problem of IBM Rescue and Recovery blah blah, please update it following this link”. […]

Yesterday night I was fighting with Wake On Lan (aka: WOL) feature that is supported by the BIOS of my home pc… I went to sleep at 5.00am, without any success. The day after is usually painful ;-) I found a nice WOL mini howto, and also some easy source code made in C and […]

My New Net Server

I’ve just finished to mount my new server. I am thinking on hosting my own web stuff at home. This is the machine Currently it runs Windows XP Media Center (the best choice for a server… :lol: ); now downloading 9Gb of Debian dvd ISOs… It will take some time… Sleepless nights are expected.


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