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Piero Ricca, is an Italian citizen owning a blog in which he speaks about politics and justice. A sort of Italian Michael Moore, I would say. Yesterday, the blog of my friend Piero Ricca has been censored. Blocked actually, as Italian police has changed passwords, blocked posts and comments on that site, deleted articles. You […]

I’ve made some refactoring to make JRainbow support several languages. The result is that now JRainbow supports XML coloring. To learn more about JRainbow source code colorer, check the JRainbow Project Website. Here you can try it right now: XML sintax coloring is almost complete, just need some improvement to support inline DTDs.

I used to hate Oracle Database (and other Oracle products too) because of it is much more complicated / heavyweight / slow / buggy and full of useless and sometime harmful stuff than needed. Also when you install you can’t remove it without leaving tons of zombie files around, breaking your JVM/Apache/Windows/etc. After an Oracle […]

Email URL Encoder Tool

I've just written this little tool to encode email templates into mailto URLs. It's based on URL Decoder/Encoder by Eric Meyer. Hope it could be useful to someone. The "to" field is mandatory. You can specify multiple values separated by comma. For more info on mailto URLs, see rfc2368. To download this script just grab […]

I just discovered a nice wysiwyg blogpost writer: Windows Live Writer. It’s made by Microsoft, it’s still in beta (!), it’s free (!!), but it works pretty good (!!!). Read more about authors on Wikipedia. Here’s a screenshot:   Check it out; it could save you some time. The Web Preview feature is wonderful: you can see a […]

Since Google released Google Talk (GTalk) I started using it. I liked it because it is (or seems) lightweight, it’s easy, and it’s able to notify me when I receive a new mail on GMail account. Also some friends was using it, so I had enough contacts. The problem was that there are too many […]

Customizing websites with Firefox

With Firefox you can define your preferences on how Firefox should display the web sites you visit. To do that, there’s a file called userContent.css in user home directory (in windows it’s placed on “C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[8digits].default\chrome”); modifying this file you can, for example, modify default font style and size, to make website more […]

Since some days I'm trying to secure a tiny pc that I am planning to connect to internet full-time to be used by me as development server and for deploying some custom web application to handle some job documentation (i.e. to generate invoices, manage job time, archive documents etc.). After I put it on internet […]
First of all, I have to precise that I'm not a sysadmin, and you may not assume that the things as explained here are best way to handle the problem, or just that this is a correct one. This worked for me yesterday night, and I share my notes here so that I'll find this […]
Writing email addresses in clear in web pages is not a good idea: spam bot browse the web and collect email address to lately send unrequested spam. But, sometime it could be useful to put an email address in a web page, and there could be several possibility: Using an image: a transparent gif with […]


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