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Currently I am using GWT for a new project and I am really enthusiast of the results. I think it could be a nice article for this blog to explain some GWT ideas and how it is changing the way modern web application are being written. With GWT you use a subset of Java Core […]

DHTML Lemmings

What nice things can be done with Javascript! I’m astonished. I loved that game, now we have Lemmings in DHTML (DOM, HTML, CSS and Javascript of course). Running in any modern browser. Very cool. I’ll go looking for a port for pocket pc and palm.

Email URL Encoder Tool

I've just written this little tool to encode email templates into mailto URLs. It's based on URL Decoder/Encoder by Eric Meyer. Hope it could be useful to someone. The "to" field is mandatory. You can specify multiple values separated by comma. For more info on mailto URLs, see rfc2368. To download this script just grab […]
Most of the times, you don't need to paginate on the client side: if you have an enough small set of records to be displayed, I would suggest you to choose a scrollable <div/>. Server-side web pagination is really needed when you have to display hundreds of records. You may fetch results from the DB […]

Better HTML Buttons… with images

I never understood why HTML spec, still links the action of a form to the form itself: in a form you may need more possibility (edit, delete, insert, etc...) and you'll have many buttons then, so I think that html should link the action to the button, like in any intelligent gui language.So it would […]
Today, I've had the problem to dynamically add additional informations to html forms. Not being an expert of JavaScript I thought it was very easy. But after trying to code something like this: ... var form = document.forms['myForm']; form.myHiddenField = new Hidden(); form.myHiddenField.value=myValue; ... I discovered that it's not so easy. I also didn't find […]
Writing email addresses in clear in web pages is not a good idea: spam bot browse the web and collect email address to lately send unrequested spam. But, sometime it could be useful to put an email address in a web page, and there could be several possibility: Using an image: a transparent gif with […]

Working with my laptop on different places I often have to configure network settings. Fortunately I always work on places using DHCP, so this isn’t an issue. But I’ve still to waste time switching the proxy settings in browsers (IE, Firefox, Opera, Maxthon…). Of course there are plugins that handle proxy switching with less effort, […]

I found this nice javascript that could be useful in places where some computing may take some time... Many application do intensive searches or computations, and it's better to give some feedback to the user while loading the results. You can try displaying a page with an animated GIF, and redirecting the page using something […]


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