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The Subalpine Gallery is one of the commercial malls of the city of Turin. Designed by Pietro Carrera in 1873 opened 30th September 1874. It owes its name to the Industrial Bank Subalpina who assumed the burden of the building. The gallery, located between Piazza Castello and Piazza Carlo Alberto, is fifty meters long, fourteen […]

There is a nice area in Duesseldorf called Medienhafen. Here, you can find some originally shaped building designed by the architect Frank Gehry (but not the ones in the picture, I think) and the night view is beautifully illuminated by lights and reflexes on the Rhein river.

Uerige is the Düsseldorf typical Alt beer and the name of the restaurant “Zum Uerige” in the Old Town.

It has been a long time… I’ve have been busy being badly sick and trying to recover. I’m better now, but I can’t say I’m very good. Since a couple of weeks I’m back to work and I’m trying to catch up. In the meantime I’ve been thinking a lot about life, universe and everything, […]

I've spent last 3 months working on Zürich, so here I am going to share my experience as I did previously about Düsseldorf. I moved in Zürich with my girlfriend after having found a job in a bank. Switzerland is famous to have a low unemployment rate, and Zurich is known to be an international […]

Lady Java

This is video is quite recent, but already very popular. It’s a parody of Lady Gaga songs, about Java. Looks like Oracle is gonna benefit of the Java wave even though they already declared themselves as bad asses, more interested on money and control than on technology. Java rocks, and ever will. Despite Oracle.

A super funny video about a young and rebel Java developer grown in a Microsoft family. Hope you'll enjoy as I did. I think the original source of the video is here.

I've been working in Düsseldorf for some years and now I am leaving because I got job elsewhere. But before I want to share my experience and some tips that could be useful to people working (or planning to work) abroad, and in particular in this geographical area. About Düsseldorf Düsseldorf is a wonderful place, […]

Some time ago, I've answered to a job interview question which was sounding more or less like: «suppose you have 20 minutes to talk to an audience of junior developers about what have been the lessons you learned from your software development experience, and resume that in three points, about what a good developer shall […]

Found this nice thread on StackOverflow: What is the best comment in source code you have ever encountered? A fun read. I'm trying hard to keep myself to post some snippet; fortunately I've not enough reputation on StackOverflow to post answers :)


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