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Yesterday I noticed that when I close the lid of my MacBook Pro the light in front of the case was not indicating that the computer was going to sleep normally. Still the fans were running and when I opened the lid, I saw that it was not resuming from sleep properly, presenting a strange […]

I/O Exception handling

I very much prefer this approach: OutputStream out = new MyOutputStream(…); //may throw IOException try { //use the stream } finally { out.close(); } than this: OutputStream out = null; try { out = new MyOutputStream(…); //may throw IOException //use the stream } finally { if (out != null) { out.close(); } } I just […]

Are you habit to have some configuration files packaged inside the jar of your application? If so, you can still have a look at those configuration files in the running environment using the unzip Unix utility. $ unzip -p /opt/myapp/lib/my-app.jar log4j.rootLogger=INFO,stdout log4j.appender.stdout=org.apache.log4j.ConsoleAppender log4j.appender.stdout.Threshold=INFO log4j.appender.stdout.layout=org.apache.log4j.PatternLayout log4j.appender.stdout.layout.ConversionPattern=%d{dd-MMM hh:mm} [%-5p] %m%n The -p option uncompress and prints […]

If you are an objective MacBook user you may think that those laptops tend to overheat. In case, you may give FanControl a try. If you are an Apple Fan, then it’s just correct that your keyboard is on fire.

Just discovered an interesting bug in Java interpreter and compiler, that makes them hang when converting the value 2.2250738585072012e-308. Nice to know. The bug has been reported to Oracle, but I supposed they will include this in their collection of bugs and sell it as “Oracle Database 12g” product. :-)

Unit test naming conventions

There are a certain number of naming conventions used for unit tests. At beginning, with JUnit 3, to define a test it was mandatory that the class name was named like MyClassTest, be extending from TestCase and all the test method names were starting with ‘test’ as in ‘testMyMethod()’. I think that this is a […]

Dear Apple, dear Sony, dear stupid "international" company willing to sell me stuff through internet... the fact that, in this period of my life, I am living in Germany and I own a German credit card, doesn't mean that I can perfectly understand German. So why there is no way to change the language in […]

I've spent last 3 months working on Zürich, so here I am going to share my experience as I did previously about Düsseldorf. I moved in Zürich with my girlfriend after having found a job in a bank. Switzerland is famous to have a low unemployment rate, and Zurich is known to be an international […]

I've been working in Düsseldorf for some years and now I am leaving because I got job elsewhere. But before I want to share my experience and some tips that could be useful to people working (or planning to work) abroad, and in particular in this geographical area. About Düsseldorf Düsseldorf is a wonderful place, […]

Uninstalling .pkg files on OSX

I feel safe in managing my tasks on computers when I can always undo last operations and restore a working environment. For that reasons tools like cvs, subversion, git, etc. do exist. But the same should be true with an operating system. You do your stuff, install apps, and when unhappy of the changes you […]


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