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Some time ago, I've answered to a job interview question which was sounding more or less like: «suppose you have 20 minutes to talk to an audience of junior developers about what have been the lessons you learned from your software development experience, and resume that in three points, about what a good developer shall […]


Talking on Skype with two friends (we'll call them "I" and "B"): Luigi: try this: $ gnome-screenshot --interactive B: If I had linux :) I: nice, but the PrtSc key works as well …in combination with Alt it captures only the active window Luigi: the same for Windows, but you do not have PrtSc on […]

Last year our beloved politicians were discussing about a law that basically would make of all the Italian bloggers a people of undercover editors, making laws requiring the blogging activity and internet writing to be subject to state registration and taxation. Here's a fragment from an old article from Times Online: Recently, Italian lawmakers once […]

Eight years ago... ...and today... True change. Hopefully :) Good luck Obama!

Did you know?     1 - x 3 = 1 3     1 - = 0.333... 3     0.333... x 3 = 0.999...     ...then...     0.999... = 1     Are you searching for the trick? Believe it or not, this demonstration is true. Maybe the old intel pentiums […]

A super drawing you can always reuse (to gain points with your boss): A joke I draw on a white board corner of a huge and impressive drawing. Unluckily there was only the red pen: multiple color charts are the key for the success in software architectures! (infact, I never seen a chart that doesn't […]

Yesterday we had a business meeting in London. We flew there and we had the chance to walk through the city and enjoy the nightlife. In my previous visits to London I never appreciated the city very much: too noisy, to rainy, too expensive, too much people wearing formal. Sometime you can feel like being […]

I bought a Sony PSP during last winter, and I am very happy of that. The videgames are amazing, I didn’t imagine that there were games so impressive on a so little machine. In particular I appreciated Ridge Racer, Final Fantasy the war of the Lions, God of War: Chains of Olympus, and many more. […]

Recently I am getting annoyed by an Internet Service Provider Company from Italy that I was using more than 2 years ago. They made me crazy at that time: I was calling the support and they were very rude and incompetent. They was charging me the double price for the service, so after some time, […]

Who designed Windows Mobile should be killed, but very slowly… I have an HTC3300 with Windows Mobile 5.0, and as a phone, my Nokia 3210 was much better. Also my Palm Tungsten T2 was much better to handle contacts, TODO lists, calendar, notes, etc. Actually I continue using the Tungsten T2 as PIM, because of […]


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