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Ignoring versioned files with GIT

Suppose you work in a team. You download the project sources and you need to change some configurations according to your working environment, like the tcp port on which to run the webserver or the path where to store the log files. If you commit those files, after your local set up, this would impact […]

For the ones who don’t know what OWNER library is, you can read my previous article here: Introducing OWNER, a tiny framework for Java Properties files. It has been a long time since I posted the Part 1 of this article, and version 1.0.3 was just released. Now I should probably write about version 1.0.4 […]

I never liked to create “wrapper” classes for properties files. Do you know… those classes like: public class MyAppConfig { private static Properties p = …; public static String serverName() { return p.getProperty(“”); } public static int serverPort() { return Integer.parseInt(p.getProperty(“server.port”)); } …. } There’s nothing really bad about those classes. Only that they don’t […]

I always found Dashboard pretty useless, and I just notice it exists when by mistake I press some key which switches the desktop to it. So, here is how to get rid of it; I write this post mainly for future memory for myself. From this article: $ defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean YES $ […]

If you don’t know Project Honey Pot, go and have a look. They offer a service for querying IP addresses and check if they are listed in those involving in spamming or threatening activities. So, if your visitor has a black listed IP you can block him from accessing or doing something sensitive. Since it […]

Yesterday I noticed that when I close the lid of my MacBook Pro the light in front of the case was not indicating that the computer was going to sleep normally. Still the fans were running and when I opened the lid, I saw that it was not resuming from sleep properly, presenting a strange […]

Being a Unix user (Linux/OSX) I need sometime to run some Windows utility in a Virtual Machine. But I don’t want to break the virtual machine, installing and uninstalling things, or accidentally, or by the wast hordes of viruses and malwares that infestate Windows. So, here I found how to do it: How to discard […]

If you are an objective MacBook user you may think that those laptops tend to overheat. In case, you may give FanControl a try. If you are an Apple Fan, then it’s just correct that your keyboard is on fire.

Dear Apple, dear Sony, dear stupid "international" company willing to sell me stuff through internet... the fact that, in this period of my life, I am living in Germany and I own a German credit card, doesn't mean that I can perfectly understand German. So why there is no way to change the language in […]

Some time ago, I've answered to a job interview question which was sounding more or less like: «suppose you have 20 minutes to talk to an audience of junior developers about what have been the lessons you learned from your software development experience, and resume that in three points, about what a good developer shall […]


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