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I’ve made some refactoring to make JRainbow support several languages. The result is that now JRainbow supports XML coloring. To learn more about JRainbow source code colorer, check the JRainbow Project Website. Here you can try it right now: XML sintax coloring is almost complete, just need some improvement to support inline DTDs.

I used to hate Oracle Database (and other Oracle products too) because of it is much more complicated / heavyweight / slow / buggy and full of useless and sometime harmful stuff than needed. Also when you install you can’t remove it without leaving tons of zombie files around, breaking your JVM/Apache/Windows/etc. After an Oracle […]

In my swing application the requirement was that the user had to be able to issue an action, from a menu or from a button, that generates a letter from a defined msword template filled with data load from the database. Then the application should launch msword to make a preview that the user can […]

Excel file generation made easy(er)

In this post I’ll discuss a technique to generate Microsoft Excel compatible files without any third party library and in an easier than ever manner. If you ever faced the problem of generating Excel report/export from your application, I guess you know libraries like Jakarta POI and its wonderful APIs on the “Horrible SpreadSheet Format”. […]

Email URL Encoder Tool

I've just written this little tool to encode email templates into mailto URLs. It's based on URL Decoder/Encoder by Eric Meyer. Hope it could be useful to someone. The "to" field is mandatory. You can specify multiple values separated by comma. For more info on mailto URLs, see rfc2368. To download this script just grab […]
Most of the times, you don't need to paginate on the client side: if you have an enough small set of records to be displayed, I would suggest you to choose a scrollable <div/>. Server-side web pagination is really needed when you have to display hundreds of records. You may fetch results from the DB […]

LinkedIn is a web site that lets you build your business contact network and put online a sort of resume that people can search. Here is mine. Currently I’m looking for next occupation and I am evaluating some jobs. Observing the Italian IT landscape, the idea to go outside Italy is growing seriously. And it’s […]

Since Google released Google Talk (GTalk) I started using it. I liked it because it is (or seems) lightweight, it’s easy, and it’s able to notify me when I receive a new mail on GMail account. Also some friends was using it, so I had enough contacts. The problem was that there are too many […]

Customizing websites with Firefox

With Firefox you can define your preferences on how Firefox should display the web sites you visit. To do that, there’s a file called userContent.css in user home directory (in windows it’s placed on “C:\Documents and Settings\[user]\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\[8digits].default\chrome”); modifying this file you can, for example, modify default font style and size, to make website more […]

Today I tried to use remote debugging with Eclipse and Tomcat. I usually use a Tomcat Sysdeo Plugin to run Tomcat inside Eclipse, but today I faced remote debugging. To run tomcat in remote debugging you can start it with command catalina jpda start But this will start remote debugging using shared memory, and Eclipse, […]


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