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Being a Unix user (Linux/OSX) I need sometime to run some Windows utility in a Virtual Machine. But I don’t want to break the virtual machine, installing and uninstalling things, or accidentally, or by the wast hordes of viruses and malwares that infestate Windows. So, here I found how to do it: How to discard […]

A super funny video about a young and rebel Java developer grown in a Microsoft family. Hope you'll enjoy as I did. I think the original source of the video is here.

If you have more than one laptop/computer on your desktop, you may find yourself jumping from a keyboard to another to make use of them. In this article I explain how I configured my laptops to share keyboard and mouse using synergy. It is always a good thing to have a second monitor, for example […]

Finally Tomboy is available on Mac! It's the best note taking application I've ever seen. Give it a try. Update: latest version: Mono 2.2 Tomboy 0.13.4

I’ve successfully installed Microsoft Office XP on Linux using Wine. It works quite fine and it’s really fast. I got some problems with Macros in Excel, and in particular I was getting the error “Error accessing file. Network connection may have been lost” on every startup. But I found a way to avoid that annoying […]

Got the problem this evening, and I’ve been getting crazy for a couple of hours. Quick solution for the inpatients: the “fast user switching” and the “welcome screen” feature in XP makes Remote Desktop not work properly. So, disable it and you’ll solve 90% of rdesktop problems. (Notice that those two options needs to be […]

Who designed Windows Mobile should be killed, but very slowly… I have an HTC3300 with Windows Mobile 5.0, and as a phone, my Nokia 3210 was much better. Also my Palm Tungsten T2 was much better to handle contacts, TODO lists, calendar, notes, etc. Actually I continue using the Tungsten T2 as PIM, because of […]

If you use tools like netswitcher to configure on the fly more profiles for accessing the networks from home / office / Internet Cafe you may have a look at netsh command line provided by Windows, that can do this and more weird things, like binding more IP addresses to your network interface. For example, […]

In my swing application the requirement was that the user had to be able to issue an action, from a menu or from a button, that generates a letter from a defined msword template filled with data load from the database. Then the application should launch msword to make a preview that the user can […]

Associating JAD to class files

Decompiling Java class files is often useful. I use to associate .class extension to Jad decompiler. To do that, I use a batch file, called “jad.cmd” that calls jad.exe with proper parameters. Jad.exe must be in the same folder of jad.cmd. Associating .class extension to jad.cmd let you decompile it on screen (in command prompt) […]


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