When I first had to use OS X I had hard time with some things that weren’t working as expected. I thought they were usability bugs, but of course don’t try to argue about that with a veteran Apple user, because “you’re ugly and stupid, and that’s the way it should be! And OSX has […]

There are a couple of cool features in GIT that may not be well known by everyone, depending on which platform you are using. For example on Linux it is quite common to have the bash completion working, while in Windows msysgit comes with a cool prompt which displays the current branch and some status […]

Android.jar sources

Yesterday I wrote a post to explain how to link Android sources in Eclipse. If you use a different IDE, probably you can't have Eclipse facilities but it may be easier to have the sources "in line" with the android library. For myself usage I packed the android sources into some jar files. To have […]

If you are working with the Android Development Toolkit (ADT) for Eclipse you may have noticed that the sources for android.jar are missing. The Android SDK comes without the sources, and even if you manage to download the source code for the Android library, the ADT does not allow you to attach the sources to […]

If you have more than one laptop/computer on your desktop, you may find yourself jumping from a keyboard to another to make use of them. In this article I explain how I configured my laptops to share keyboard and mouse using synergy. It is always a good thing to have a second monitor, for example […]

Wake on LAN

Many modern computers and network enabled devices support the functionality to be turned on remotely. This is commonly referred as Wake on LAN or Remote Wake-Up. Technically this is done sending a datagram packet in broadcast to all the computers in the same network, on any port (the usual one is port number 7); the […]

Eclipse slow in OSX

I found that eclipse is incredibly slow in OSX, switching from tab to tab, reorganizing or switching the perspectives, or maximizing the tabs, it is so slow that can barely be defined as usable. If you are experiencing the same problem, try to modify the eclipse.ini (Eclipse.app/Contents/MacOS/eclipse.ini) in this way. Change the line -Dosgi.requiredJavaVersion=1.5 to: […]

I used to create launchers in Linux for command line applications, to place on the desktop or in some bar. On Linux, that is as easy as specifying the launcher command or bash script, tell if you want run it in a console or not, and specify an icon. On OSX (...) read this article. […]

3G USB Stick on Ubuntu

I am in London for work, and my hotel wants me to pay £ 17 per day for accessing internet. But I found an internet café which is offering Internet connection on a 3G USB stick for £ 19.99 per week ( reload.com 197 Praed Street, Paddington ). The USB stick is from Three, like […]


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